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The Birthing Mama Book


Birthing Mama

by Corinne Andrews


 Birthing Mama is an invitation to see pregnancy, birth and motherhood as a spiritual practice.

It’s an invitation for us to wake up, feel our intuition, strength and resilience as we prepare for birth and motherhood.  

First Trimester


  • Conception -  Weeks 1 - 4

  • Am I Pregnant?  Weeks 5 - 8

  • Reclaiming Holistic Well-Being - Weeks 9 - 13

Second Trimester Themes


  • Transformation - Week 14

  • Intuition and Discernment - Week 15

  • Loving Your Body - Week 16

  • Conscious Eating - Week 17

  • Energy Flow - Week 18

  • Forgiveness - Week 19

  • True Beauty - Week 20

  • Desire - Week 21

  • Supported by the Earth - Week 22

  • Trust - Week 23

  • Expanding Heart - Week 24

  • Acceptance - Week 25

  • Fluidity - Week 26

  • Aspiration - Week 27

Third Trimester Themes


  • Be Here Now - Week 28

  • Letting Go - Week 29

  • Balance and Harmony - Week 30

  • True Self - Week 31

  • Pain and Pleasure - Week 32

  • Releasing Judgment - Week 33

  • Freedom - Week 34

  • Circles of Women - Week 35

  • Space - Week 36

  • Empowerment - Week 37

  • Gratitude - Week 38

  • Releasing Expectations - Week 39

  • Waiting - Week 40


About Corinne


Corinne Andrews, she/her, E RYT - 500, RPYT, is the developer and lead teacher of the Birthing Mama 90-hour Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga and Wellness Teacher Training, and author of the new book Birthing Mama. She is the co-owner/director of Shraddha Yoga, and leads the Embodyoga® 100-hour In-Depth Study,  200-hour Teacher Training, and teaches weekly online and local classes. She has been teaching yoga classes and private sessions online and locally in person to people of all ages and abilities since 2003. 

Corinne was originally trained in Classical Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga from the Mount Madonna Center, and went on to over 1,000hr + Embodyoga® training and assisting with Patty Townsend, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Meridian Yoga, Shiatsu, as a Birth Doula and the 200hr Mindful Grieving Yoga Therapy Program. Corinne completed the Ayurveda Wellness Ambassador Program & continues studies in Ayurveda, Vedic Chanting and Sanskrit. She holds a BA in Cross-Cultural & Alternative Health and Healing from the UMass.

GurujiMa & Light Omega has been a guiding light to Corinne as a beloved spiritual teacher since 2002 and has been the true embodiment of divine love and a model in living yoga within the everyday.

Traveling to India has also been a profound teacher in offering the roots, traditions and culture of Yoga and Ayurveda.

In addition to all Corinne has studied and practiced, her greatest teachers are her two beautiful children, her husband Matthew, and the profound spiritual journey of mothering from pre-conception through to the here and now.

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