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Birthing Mama® Prenatal Postnatal Yoga and Wellness



The time of pregnancy birth and postpartum is a sacred and transformational experience.

We warmly welcome pregnant women, men and non-binary people, and, parents/caregivers, support people and surrogates to all of our classes. Celebrate the diversity of the child bearing experience with us.

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The transformational experience of pregnancy & birth is one of the most sacred times in life. We warmly welcome those wishing to conceive, pregnant women, men and non-binary people, surrogates and any birth support people to our classes.

Our pregnancy & birth classes include

Prenatal yoga classes


Private yoga sessions

Free meditation & yoga nidra audio recordings 

Short pre-recorded therapeutic prenatal yoga videos 

Pregnancy Companion Program: yoga asana videos and written descriptions

Mother or Parent Blessing Circles are a special way to honor yourself in crossing the threshold into parenthood. Scroll down through this whole page to read on for details!

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Each class opens with a short sharing circle, then moves into a complete Embodyoga practice with many pregnancy, labor and birth supports woven into each week's specific theme. Our weekly themes are often held within the context of the 5 elements – earth, water, fire, air and space and every class is tailored to the individual needs of the students present that week. The classes will support you in reducing physical discomforts associated with the various stages of pregnancy, build strength and flexibility, learn breathing techniques to relax your mind & body, and tools helpful for labor and birth. You will be spiritually nourished and held within the loving circle of these prenatal yoga classes. You are welcome to join the class in any stage of pregnancy and with any fitness level. If you have a history of miscarriage, or have had trouble conceiving, please consult with your caregiver to determine the best time to join.

prenatal yoga


The first few months of your baby’s life is a precious time. This class offers an opportunity to bond with your baby & other new parents, nourish yourself & discover tools to support you in the parenting journey. The specific practices offered in this class promote postpartum healing & wellness in an atmosphere that encourages sharing the challenges as well as the joyful discoveries as a parent.
Babies are gently & safely incorporated into the class through partner poses and practices that comfort and support their optimal development. Nursing, feeding, walking, bouncing, snacking, changing diapers and soothing babies are perfectly welcome and normal in this space.

No live class at this time - class recordings can be accessed through Shraddha Yoga

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  • Therapeutic sessions will address a specific healing issue and provide support and instruction to help you during your healing process

  • Sadhana Support sessions will help you develop and/or refine your personal practice

  • Couples/Partner sessions create a time for joining in play, as well as a profound and intimate way to connect deeply or move through communication barriers within a relationship.



Private Sessions with Corinne are available for, conscious conception/fertility yoga, prenatal yoga, birth prep support, postpartum & birth processing.

Private sessions support those of you who prefer the privacy and individualized attention of a one on one and are appropriate for people of all ages, backgrounds, religions and abilities.

These sessions provide a safe and loving environment in which to travel deeply into yourself, exploring the vastness of your inner landscape, and the many layers and systems of your body.

They are a wonderful way to address specific concerns and gain support for challenges that affect the physical, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual levels of our human being.


Beginners with no yoga experience are welcome, as are more seasoned practitioners looking to deepen their daily sadhana (practice). Within each session you can expect to find a sweet, warm, nurturing, loving, playful, and caring atmosphere where you are met, seen, listened to and accepted for who you are.


Prenatal Yoga and Birth Prep Classes



Second Trimester

Intro + 14 videos

~15-20 min per video

Special introductory price: $115

  • Welcome Video (7 min)

  • Week 14 Optimal Seated Posture & Movement (12 min)

  • Week 15 Optimal Standing Posture & Movement (12 min)

  • Week 16 Warrior Sequence (19 min)

  • Week 17 Goddess Sequence (7 min)

  • Week 18 Pregnancy Sun Salutations (17 min)

  • Week 19 Hands and Knees Sequence (13 min)

  • Week 20 Seated Hip Openers (14 min)

  • Week 21 Pelvic Floor Toning (14 min)

  • Week 22 Opening and Releasing (14 min)

  • Week 23 Resting in Trust (17 min)

  • Week 24 A Soft and Open Heart (12 min)

  • Week 25 Soothing Digestion (18 min)

  • Week 26 Moving Like Water (18 min)

  • Week 27 Postures for Reducing Swelling (13 min)

Third Trimester

Intro + 15 videos

~15-20 min per video

Special introductory price: $115

  • Welcome Video (7 min)

  • Week 28 Deep Squatting (16 min)

  • Week 29 Preventing and Relieving Sciatica (20 min)

  • Week 30 Balance Within Movement & Stillness (18 min)

  • Week 31 Sounding, Opening and Releasing (22 min)

  • Week 32 Nourishing a Calm Center (17 min)

  • Week 33 Side-Lying Sequence (15 min)

  • Week 34 Finding Support (14 min)

  • Week 35 Circles and Spirals (16 min)

  • Week 36 Releasing Tension - Jaw, Neck & Head (15 min)

  • Week 37 Visualizing Light (14 min)

  • Week 38 Releasing the Psoas (22 min)

  • Week 39 Inner Ripening (13 min)

  • Week 40 Sthira and Sukha - Waiting With Steadiness and Sweetness (14 min)

  • Week 41 Bring on Labor (12 min)

  • Week 42 Seriously, Bring on Labor! (7 min)

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Mother Blessing

A Mother Blessing is an alternative to a baby shower, a unique birth celebration that invites your community to connect to the sacred feminine with you. It is inspired by the Navajo tradition, the "blessingway", which is a ceremony that honors the divine feminine as the nurturer.  A Mother Blessing honors and blesses you as you prepare for birth and, will be a source of strength in the postpartum time.
Mother Blessings can be created and offered online through zoom or in person.

Each Mother Blessing is unique.

Here are some suggestions for ways celebrate with your nearest and dearest.

✦  Offer songs, chants, poems, or prayers to the birthing mama. 

✦  Make a necklace or bracelet for the birthing mama. Each person attending the ceremony can bring a bead to add. 

✦  Wrap string around the wrist or ankle of each person present to wear for the rest of the pregnancy and then cut  when the baby is born. 

✦  Make gifts out of clay with the theme of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. 

✦  Share stories around birth, strength, empowerment, women, ancestors, or transcending fear. 

✦  Make belly art on the mama, or make a belly casting. 

✦  Provide a blank journal (or make
one) and have all attendees fill it with quotes, advice, stories, and inspiration. 

✦  Make and eat cacao treats or sweet raw desserts, or bake a cake. 

✦ Make flags, origami, or other ornaments and have each guest add hers to a long chain or mobile that the birthing mama can hang where she chooses.

✦ Have a dance party to mama’s favorite music and/or sing songs.

✦ Hike in the woods or swim in a natural body of water.

✦ Drink and eat herbal teas and nourishing foods.

✦ Give her an herbal foot bath or other bathing ritual.

✦ Give her a massage or other energy healing.

✦ Create a walking labyrinth in the yard.

✦ Bring flowers that speak to various aspects of the mama’s strength and beauty.

Honor your sacred role as the nurturer


The best way to develop your Mother Blessing with Corinne's support is to schedule a consultation by emailing us. In your email, please include 3 optional dates with start and end times, and, a few activities from the list to the left that you are interested in exploring.

After an initial conversation to discover what resonates with you and your connection to the Divine, Corinne will develop a general plan for your Blessing and event. You can add or change anything, and our hope is that by letting us take care of the details you will be able to relax and enjoy your celebration.

Our suggested fees are $100 for the event, and $40 per hour for preparations.  You can see more information about our Pay from the heart model here.

The cost for any materials will be in addition to the event fees. Materials can be purchased by you or, by us. 

We also offer an invitation service. Provide us with the names and emails of your attendees and we will send a personalized email with information about the Mother Blessing and your event.

Share, express, and feel the love—

love is the best gift for us all. 




Prenatal Yoga with Corinne

On Summer Pause

Parent and Baby Yoga/Postnatal Yoga with Corinne

No live class at this time but you can access class recordings through


Pay from the heart


Our Pay from the heart model aligns with the yogic principle that sacred gifts are meant to be shared. We invite you pay for our classes and other offerings with intention, and to balance your needs with our suggested fees.

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