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90-Hour Birthing Mama® Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga and Wellness

Teacher Training


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Bring your wisdom and generosity to support others during the sacred journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Our Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga and Wellness Teacher Training prepares you in body, mind and spirit to support you & your community throughout the childbearing years. Choose a live training or asynchronous to go at your own pace via video recordings.



Choose From:

Our e-course & study online at your own pace


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To receive the Birthing Mama 90Hr certification, you must complete all homework and certification requirements.





Deepen your knowledge, intuition and ease in holding space for others through Yoga, Ayurveda and Holistic Birth.



The suggested fee for live trainings (in person and online)  is $1500 & $800 for the go at your own pace e-course.  
Everything  we offer is through the Pay From The Heart model. 



In person trainings are held over four weekends, and organized into two modules. 
Asynchronous trainings can be completed on your timeline, and feature video recordings from a live training and check-ins with a lead teacher.



Pregnancy & Birth is a time of transformation and a pathway to awakening. A time of miracle and awe as we witnesses the becoming of a new being inside our bodies. This transformation happens  daily – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is both difficult and wonderful. The practices and wisdom of yoga are a profound support to people going through this life passage.

To certify as a Birthing Mama instructor one must complete both Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 comprises the first 45 hours of the training, which is organized into Module 1 and 2.  Level 2 comprises the second 45 hours of the training, which is organized into Module 3 and 4.  


To teach public group classes, one must also have a 200-Hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification in any tradition. You do not need an additional 200-Hr teacher training to bring this wisdom into your private practice with doula, midwifery or nursing clients, although it is recommended. 

If you are looking for a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, Corinne is also the lead teacher of the yearly Embodyoga® 100hr In-Depth Study and 200hr Teacher Training. More information can be found here.

Birthing Mama is a registered school with the National Yoga Alliance. To register as an RPYT, read on here for more information

One must complete all homework requirements to receive certification. You can see all homework requirements here



The foundation of Birthing Mama is love. This teacher training offers techniques to manifest generosity and care, and to build a sustainable teaching practice. Trainees will be asked to participate in self-reflection, class design and leadership, business plan design, and group exercises that strengthen our knowledge and intuition about the body and soul during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

The recommended price for this teacher training is $1,500. Our Pay From The Heart model aligns with the yogic principle that sacred gifts are meant to be shared. We invite you pay for our classes and other offerings with intention, and to balance your needs with our suggested fees


Modules 1 & 2

  • Anatomy and Physiology of pregnancy

  • Fetal Development

  • Common discomforts & remedies

  • Modifying Classic Postures for pregnancy/Posture Clinics and How to Modify for Pregnant Students in a regular class

  • Whole Body Support Templates

  • The 4 trimesters (3 trimesters of pregnancy plus the first month of postpartum period)

  • Emotionality During Pregnancy

  • Spirituality During Pregnancy and connecting to the Divine Mother

  • Intro to herbs and nutrition for pregnancy

  • Lungs, Breathing and Breath Practices

  • Chanting and Sounding Techniques

  • Visualization, Meditation and Yoga Nidra

  • Strengthening/toning and releasing your pelvis

  • Yogic Philosophy as it relates to pregnancy

  • Ethics of teaching prenatal yoga

  • Pregnancy Rituals & Holding Space for Loss

  • Honoring Inclusivity and Diversity

  • Abdominal Anatomy and Tone

  • The symbol of Mira Alfassa/”The Mother”, in practice and teaching


Modules 3 & 4

  • Stages of labor and birth, including anatomy

  • Nutrition & Herbs for Labor, Birth and Postpartum

  • Yoga for releasing, softening, opening for childbirth

  • Tools for finding comfort during labor

  • Prenatal yoga for couples preparing for birth

  • The energetic body in relation to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum

  • Creative Projects to cultivate awareness and presence

  • Self Care Practices

  • Subtle body theory and yogic philosophy as it relates to pregnancy and birth

  • Support for Optimal Fetal Positioning

  • Trusting Intuition, Seeing and Releasing fear

  • Appropriate use of Touch for Prenatal students

  • Restorative yoga for pregnancy

  • Breathing and meditation techniques

  • Sequencing for a prenatal  and a postnatal yoga class

  • Postnatal/Parent and Baby Yoga

  • Postpartum recovery and rituals

  • Four faces/qualities of the Divine Mother

  • Marketing your practice and Business of Prenatal Yoga classes and workshops

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Pay from the heart


Our Pay from the heart model aligns with the yogic principle that sacred gifts are meant to be shared. We invite you pay for our classes and other offerings with intention, and to balance your needs with our suggested fees.

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