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Decision Making

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

The next time you are faced with making a decision (can be anything – small or big) try this:

Close your eyes and settle into your breathing and your body.

Hold the two choices in your awareness.

Look at them both, breathe into both choices, and consider talking out loud to your higher self or the greater spirit, which holds us all.

Try not to hold on to all the passing thoughts and various people’s opinions that may be moving through your mind.

Wait patiently to receive an answer from the depth of your own being. You WILL hear the answer in due time, if not right away. Trust what comes to you through your intuition. You can always change your mind later if your clear discernment tells you to. Cultivating a strong sense of intuition will be needed throughout your pregnancy, birth time and when a new life is calling you mama. “Mama” ~ with all the answers this little one needs.

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